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3mm PVC Vinyl Plank

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3mm PVC Vinyl Plank


Speciality of Products

  • Layered with special PVC clear sheet to protect the surface from damages
  • Self-stick system (Self Adhesive)
  • Elegant natural patterns and colour, high durability and dimensional stability
  • Beautiful and practical vinyl flooring
  • Used eco-friendly material
  • Slip, water and flame resistance
  • Easy installation and minimum maintenance




Description Specification
Product Type PVC Vinyl Plank
Usage Residential, Commercial
Size (mm) 1000×150×3mm
Per Carton 16pcs (35sqft)
Wear Layer 0.15mm
Perpendicularity (KSF3802) 20°: 0.15mm ↑/0.50mm↓
Indention residual (KSM3802) 0.11mm
Fire Resistance (ASTME-648) Class 1
Coefficient of friction (ASTM1028) 0.75
Heat Stability (KSM3802) 0.03mm↓
Resistance to Heat, Termite, cooking oil, gasoline, kerosene, etc

Note: PVC Vinyl flooring requires installation on a smooth, well-leveled floor.
Supply ONLY : RM 3.60/sqft
Supply AND install: RM4.60/sqft




PVC Vinyl Flooring
PVC Vinyl flooring is a new trend in flooring world and been taking extraordinary revolution since its introduction just few years back. Here we are dealing with Premium quality PVC Vinyl Flooring.
The structure of PVC Flooring has forming attractive three dimensional patterns, this makes PVC a popular choice in office buildings, public buildings, such as schools, museums, advice centres, and government offices.

PVC Flooring structure are usually easy to clean and maintain. Damage to aging, such as weakness in the flooring structure due to frequent temperature changes, are rare because the stability of the phthalates presents in the PVC. Thus, vinyl flooring can be used for many years.
PVC Vinyl Flooring are;

  1. Water Proof
  2. Anti-mites
  3. Easy maintenance
  4. Eco-Friendly and safe
  5. Strong wear and skid resistance
  6. Heat Conducting and Warm Protecting
  7. Sound absorption and Noise Control
  8. High Elastic and Super Strong Shock – Resistance
  9. Manufactured in Korea
  10. Size per plank: 1000mm × 200mm × 3mm
  11. Packaging: 16pcs (planks), 35sqft/box


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