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Stoney Stone


Korean Wallpaper Brick Designs

  • Size = width (42”) and is longer (15.5m) compared to other wallpapers manufactured, thus covering more space per roll which is economically cost efficient.
  • Each roll of Korean made Wallpaper practically covers about 150 sqft.
  • Price for Korean Wallpaper supply and installRM500/roll
  • Price for Korean Wallpaper supply ONLY         : RM220/roll
  • Minimum order for installation: 3 Rolls


Brick Korean Wallpaper

Brick and stone designs wallpaper suits any and every corner of your living space. Brick and stone designs are not fussy to be fitted onto any wall desired. It also mixes and matches at every other designs by side, making it evergreen favourable design and added in the latest creativity improved design of the bricks and stones made it up to trend again and widely used in homes, offices, boutiques, front desks, hotels and etc. Well, consumer doesn’t have to spend more on the real stones and bricks that also comes with hassle installation/construction, and getting the same looking wall!

Korean made wallpapers comes with special glittering effects with thousands of attracting designs.Our selection of this Korean made Wallpapers are originally manufactured in Korea, consist of two layers of paper (Duplex), of which the upper layers is a solid decorative surface, very durable, scrub able, peel able and the substrate always comes with normal paper.




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