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Who would think there is a couple of identical some body completely not related?

But with DR’S almost confession to your ep ten, We figured he would hook most of the dots. Thank you for new recap and you may place to own discussion.

Doo Rim finds out Jin Joo and you can Yi Hyun looking forward to her here. Yi Hyun asks to talk additionally the two of them walk exterior in which Roo Mi timely notices her or him and you will confirms that whole ily is within on the ruse. Roo Mi takes into account getting in touch with Kang Joo but then recalls your very first bride-to-be was dead beef anyways why bother blowing new lid from the deception. She thinks to herself one to Yi Kyung sure made it interesting before you leave with her typical inactive fish smirk.

Doo Rim calls Yi Kyung out to meet and you will desires describe that Doo Rim is providing full responsibility to the outcomes off the lady methods going forward. She suggests her ending up in the newest ghost just who warned the girl you to she’d getting risking their lifetime when the she continued. However, Doo Rim intentions to go forward for the reason that it ‘s the only way she can become that have Kang Joo forever. Yi Kyung miracle just what Choi Kang Joo methods to Doo Rim? Over their lifestyle means to their? Doo Rim smiles and you will claims Kang Joo is the basic people she philosophy more by herself. How she can let your go? Yi Kyung procedure this information and you can looks instead impacted.

Kang Joo and Doo Rim slim in to hug both so we select enchanting fairy lighting envelope them escort Kansas City KS then bust to the sky.

Jin Joo fundamentally cannot take keeping this big miracle and you will care and attention therefore calls Yi Hyun to share with your you to definitely Doo Rim kept that have Kang Joo. Yi Hyun has actually Jin Joo perhaps not alarm halmoni and you will he will wade render the lady right back. Yi Hyun’s telephone call so you can Doo Rim’s cell goes straight to voicemail. Then he remembers seeing Chairman Ma driving from today.

It’s morning some time Kang Joo try dreaming of your ghost after which on Doo Rim strolling to your edge of a good high cliff. The guy startles conscious and you will finds himself alone in bed and you can Doo Rim’s special wristband left on her cushion.

Kang Joo try went toward medical to see their grandmother and you can Chairman Ma wants to grab Yi Kyung home to alter very first right after which bring Yi Kyung to satisfy your on hospital. Nooooo, don’t let the girl from your eyes, Kang Joo! Specifically not to the cackling witch woman! Kang Joo believes and drives off first.

I was totally wanting to highest five and you can ghost females and you will Doo Rim during their conversation on which being the fiance out of the family function. Doo Rim in reality ran on the matrimony perhaps not fearing death, however, with the knowledge that she can get get rid of Kang Joo after on her deceit, yet she are happy to grab the chance since there is no most other way for them to become together with her. Obviously Doo Rim is actually supposed to ily and her fate can get has actually most come tied up that have Kang Joo because just before they were created. I do believe addititionally there is still the possibility that Yi Kyung and you may Doo Rim was twins, which is usually a knowledgeable need to own dopplegangers in the event it drama can be so in love it can pull off just claiming around are a couple of identical lady were there which aren’t pertaining to for every almost every other.

I found myself shocked to help you suddenly have the late prospective games altering advancement one Doo Rim’s halmoni is Kang Joo’s grandfather’s basic bride-to-be just who dropped off the cliff

We’re going to – I really don’t believe Doo Rim resembles Kang Joo. In the event the the woman grandmother was only the fresh new sacrificial bride to be you to had away – she are never an element of the Choi friends for over a night.

If the she advised your happening today, he’d never wed the girl and could not believe that she certainly treasured your

Your narrative koalas park is actually so juicy and completing We opt to not ever observe the newest episodes before the whole drama is finished. Thank you for anything you manage! You have got not a clue how many somebody you will be making happier. Keep it future O?

It batshit-crazy drama can be so addictive. I am distressed for the Doo Rim for marrying Kang Joo rather than telling him her title basic. Which is a huge offense in my situation, but since the it’s simply a drama I’m happy to let it go. Haha the latest sleep world is chaste on the max. They even woke up completely dressed up. A little epidermis will have complete wonders getting my personal perverted imagination.

Duh! Positively, Just who concludes reading an enthusiastic importante confession Because your Cellular telephone bands? What is caller id to have? Plus granny is ill? Are you a doctor by accident? Oh, oppa! You are Always later! Truly, if i have been inside Kang Ju’s position, I don’t know if i you are going to forgive and forget. I am aware he made vows, but relationships vows indicate good-faith to the both sides, if the a part was withholding vital guidance, one to invalidates the vows for me. He will getting so accustomed! Oppa, telephone call This new police! Are you currently crazy! Better, many people are in love, including me personally. About KJ not calculating it out, the guy don’t actually know YK prior to, and you can immediately after she got back they actually had a highly brief telecommunications. And he noticed the deficiency of the latest bracelet and exactly how she wasn’t talking as often.


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