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NOBEL 25mm Artificial Grass

NOBEL Budget Artificial Grass 25mm

  • 25mm Softturf Artificial Grass with Ultraviolet (UV) Stabilizer
  • Material composition: PE & PP
  • Size: 2Meter Wide
  • Thickness: 25mm±1mm
  • Color: Green and Yellow
  • Material of Basic Cloth: Double PP Single Backing Cloth
    Application: Leisure Grounds (I.e: Garden and others)


Artificial Grass carpet is a premium product, artificial turf which the surface is made of Synthetic fibres, it made to look like a natural grass. It is a booming decorative products that promotes green and eco-friendly theme to a space. In its accordance, the product itself is made by hazardous substances-free material making it safe for children and pets.
The artificial grass is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, even may be applied on the wall or other surfaces. The artificial grass comes with Ultraviolet (UV) stabilizers make it resistance to sunlight over years of exposure.


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